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Anticipated inheritance and gifts

Anticipated inheritance and gifts http://www.grprainer.com/en/legal-advice/law-of-succession.html It is possible for assets to be transferred to the prospective heirs during the lifetime … Weiterlesen

Drawbacks to Berliner Testament

Drawbacks to Berliner Testament http://www.grprainer.com/en/legal-advice/law-of-succession/last-will-and-testament.html In cases involving a Berliner Testament (Berlin will) or spousal will, the spouses mutually appoint … Weiterlesen

BGH on contingent liability of GmbH shareholders

BGH on contingent liability of GmbH shareholders http://www.grprainer.com/en/legal-advice/company-law/gmbh-limited-liability-company.html If a partner of a GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) [limited liability … Weiterlesen